“The myth that women shouldn’t lift heavy is only perpetuated by women who fear work and men who fear women”

The most common response I hear to why women don’t lift is because they don’t want to look “big”, “manly”, or “bulky”.  I can’t help but shake my head when I hear this, but I can’t say I never thought the same thing. I use to be a cardio bunny and an ab maniac, until about a year ago I went to the gym with my boyfriend and didn’t feel like running so I decided to try weightlifting with him and I haven’t turned back since! I have never felt stronger or been as happy with my physique as I am now, AND still no man arms.  So ladies hop off the treadmill and step into the weight room!

Men and women’s bodies are different.

Women don’t have the testosterone levels that men have that enable them to put on as much muscle as fast. It’s physically harder for women to gain muscle. You can do the exact same workouts as men and you will not get the same gains.

I trained everyday with these two handsome fellas over the summer (boyfriend on the right), I did the exact same workouts, reps, and sets as them (different amounts of weight, of course)


And do I look manly or have big, huge muscles?



I don’t think so

“Well I don’t want to get bigger, I just want to look toned..”

It’s simple, you need have muscles in order to tone them. One of the most wonderful aspects, in my opinion, as a women who lifts is that you basically get to sculpt your own body to what you want it to look like! I have never been a curvy girl, and was not blessed with a naturally “womanly figure”. But through weight lifting I’m seeing changes in my body, I’m gaining curves made out of muscle.

fitness girl

She lifts… do you?

But what about all of those super buff bodybuilding women? 

Women bodybuilders look the way they do because they want to! And unless you are doing the same workouts, weights, eating what they eat and taking the supplements they take you are not going to look anything like a woman bodybuilder. They have trained intensely for multiple years to gain the size they have, however weightlifting will make you more toned, shapely, fit, and strong.

I promise if you give weightlifting a chance you will not be disappointed!

Workout of the day:

Legs with a focus on glutes:

  • 3×8 squats increasing weight each time
  • 3×10 Glute bridges (my favorite!)
  • 3×8 Cable kickbacks (each leg)
  • 3×8 Hamstring curl machine
  • 3×20 lunges with barbell
  • 3x 10 box jumps with squats at the top
  • 3x 20 TRX jump squats

Goal of the day:

  • Drink more water

Long term goal:

  • Post more! When I started I thought Id be posting every other day, and then life happened. I’m a full time college student with a part time job, a workout routine, and a boyfriend. I don’t get free time a lot but I have so much I want to write about! So my goal is to make more time for me to write.



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