About Me

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I’m Kate

I am 20 years old and a Junior at Purdue University.

I love eating clean, training mean, and looking lean

I grew up a very fit and healthy child, I was mostly involved in softball and dance, but i’ve tried everything from tennis to tae kwon do. I owe a big thanks to my parents for a healthy upbringing, I was blessed to grow up in a household where we had homemade family meals most nights of the week and an emphasis on eating our vegetables and finishing our milk. I continued this lifestyle all the way through high school.

My freshman year of college took a turn in a different direction. It was a whole different experience. I splurged on dinning court desserts, had a terrible sleep schedule, stressed over school, went out on weekends, and no longer had a work out routine.  When I did work out it was to stay skinny and only involved ellipticals and hundreds of crunches. I soon realized that the freshman 15 is very real.  By no means was I ever “fat” or “overweight” but I no longer felt healthy; I was tired all the time and got sick easily.

A little over a year ago I decided to make a lifestyle change. I found a way to live the college life but in a healthy, positive way. Fitness is my passion now; I love feeling strong and healthy. I eat clean, balanced meals and still enjoy treats every once in a while. No longer am I glued to the elliptical, but instead you can find me lifting weights with the boys. My goal for the next year is continue my fitness journey by competing in a fitness competition in the bikini division.  I’m writing this blog to share my journey and hopefully inspire other girls to live a healthy college lifestyle and to not be afraid of  a little muscle.


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